New Jersey Bat Mitzvah Photographer | Temple Beth Sholom, Cherry Hill | The Best Part

December 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was so looking forward to this Bat Mitzvah for so many reasons.  Because this night, I was honored to photograph not only a student from my school, but just as fun, a teacher from my school!  A rare twofer!   The best part, the reason I enjoy it so much when my worlds collide, is seeing these faces whom I see every day, dressed up to the nines and ready to rock out.  And the best part was that it was at Temple Beth Sholom, the synagogue that my family has called home for years.  And even better than that, the best part was I got to reunite with LL from All Around Entertainment, my favorite MC!! 

But the main reason I was so excited to shoot this Bat Mitzvah, was because of this young woman below.  This young woman who in her thirteenth year of life has more grace and beauty than I do at almost triple her age.  This young woman who has so many friends willing to come out and celebrate her moment in the sun, it was hard to make a move the entire night without stumbling upon a gaggle of tweens excited and honored to celebrate beside her.  But most importantly, this young woman who is so the center of her parents' hearts, this young woman, who has a brother whose love for her was so apparent, he did not even make an attempt to hide it all night.  This extraordinary young woman who has been so blessed with a face and a head of hair that was beguiling...

she was the best part. 

Therefore, imagine my frustration when she would run away from me when I would turn the camera toward her!  I know!  It's her night!  I am here to photograph HER!  And every time she saw me, she would run as fast as her neon Bat Mitzvah socks would allow her!  That's okay, I don't scare away easily.  Because when I get the chance to photograph someone like her...

THAT'S the best part.  

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