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A  few weeks ago, I saw the most romantic movie ever.  

It was about this beautiful young girl from a small suburb in NJ who traveled to Ghana for the most selfless of reasons: to join the Peace Corps.  But while over there, she met someone.  Someone wonderful.  Someone kind.  Someone handsome.  Someone with the ability to make all her dreams come true.  Meeting this someone was not the purpose of her journey but the connection between them could not be contained nor denied.  Their love flourished in Ghana despite all the challenges that come with any archetypal love story.  Until he asked her the question.  Not "a question" but "THE question".  

But here's the thing.  It wasn't a movie.  It is the love story of the couple I had the HONOR of photographing!  

We purposely convened at Masso's Caterers mere days before the wedding because not only was I given the honor of photographing this once-in-a-lifetime love story, I also was given the honor of being the one who gets to take pictures of their families.  

Both their families.  

Their families that came together, all the way from Ghana, for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion:

the wedding of their children, mere days later.  

Sigh, stay tuned!  This is just the prelude...

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