Philadelphia Private Event Photographer | The Union League | A Life Well Lived

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What a joy to return not only to the glorious Union League of Philadelphia but to be able to reconnect with a family whom I have photographed twice before. I always get a thrill when called upon as they are one of the most gracious people I have yet to have the honor of photographing.  

It is such a pleasure to get to be a fly on the wall while someone so deserving has an event to celebrate her life.  It is so wonderful to watch the guest of honor as she commands the room.  I get to hear their stories, document their laughter, and bear witness to the love and joy that is centered around this one fabulous person.  I get to be there in the room filled with her family and friends as they celebrate her and a life well lived.  

I choose those words carefully.  Because hidden away at this party was a most precious guest.  The most precious gift.  The most precious proof that achieving the milestone of sixty glorious years on this earth is deserving of a reward.

The prodigal grandson.  

Now you won't see him directly as he was yet to be born as of this party but he is there and just a few weeks later, he will grace his grandmother with his, presence!

Grandchildren, the reward for a life well-lived.

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