South Jersey Family Portrait Photographer | Knights Park | Big Brother...Stay Tuned!

August 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Two pregnant women walk into a bar....

Except it's not a bar, it's a park.  And it's not the premise for a joke but the description of this near-perfect family who chose to have THE most precious time of life documented by an equally gestating photographer, in the location that holds sentimental value for all former Collingswood Panthers-Knights Park.  I say near-perfect because just to look at them, one can easily see the missing piece of the puzzle.  

The heaven-sent daughter!  

These beautiful parents have the prodigal son, all they need is the little princess to finish out the set.  And they're not the only ones excited to expand their family.  One look at big brother's face and it's easy to see how excited he is, maybe even moreso!  These parents are "just" adding to their brood.  But Big Brother?  His identity is changing forever for when his little sister makes her entrance into this world.  He will be meeting the girl who will go through this life with him by her side.

Stay tuned!

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