SJ Private Event Photographer | Carlucci's Waterfront | Sweets 16!

September 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Why do our babies have to grow up?  Why can't they stay little and needy and all ours forever?  Why do we have to send them out into the world as young adults?  No, really...why?  

While this thought saddens me to no end, to others, it's a cause to celebrate.  Because not only is this a wonderful reality of life, it's reason to rejoice.  Children growing and maturing and becoming thoroughly independent so they can become become thoroughly productive members of society is the natural order and deserves a celebration.  And that is what brought me to this family.  A celebration at the lovely Carlucci's Waterfront to celebrate this milestone birthday.  The big 1-6.  And the celebrant could not be more worthy.  Watching as guest after guest proudly and excitedly took their picture with her, it made me realize what an amazing person she is to have that many people willing and happy to celebrate her milestone.  

And personally, I agree that there is no better way to celebrate sixteen sweet years of life than with sweets.  A candy buffet, to be exact.  And not just that, but cupcakes.  Epic cupcakes.  Decadent cupcakes.  Cupcakes that screamed for me to take them home with me.  And be eaten by me.  

Hey, I am just doing my duty as a productive member of society.  

Not really, but boy, did I want to take one home with me!  Or five. Okay, eight.  Tops. 

But truly, what a beautiful celebration for a beautiful young woman who has surely on a path to greatness.  I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for her and what she has in store for the world.

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