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This is going to be a tough one. I always get emotionally attached to my photos because I understand, they are so much more than just photos.  These are memories I am providing to these families.  

But what happens when the opposite is true?  What happens when the people I am photographing are giving ME memories to cherish?  Or continuing to give me, I should say.  

Case in point, this family.  We took these pictures in honor of their first-born son's first birthday.  But this family, and most especially, this mother, is not a stranger.  She is my oldest, dearest friend.  I met her over 30 years ago at dance class and we retained a friendship all these years.  

When I look at her face or hear her laugh, I am INSTANTLY transported back in time.  To her bedroom, to mine. To the swim club, to drama club.  To childhood spats and childhood secrets.  So many memories I share with this woman and now I get to make this new memory together with her:  when I was given the honor of being the one to take pictures of her, her husband, and their wonderfully perfect, absolutely amazing, so-adorable-and-sweet-I-just-can-barely-stand-it son.  

Her Little Man.

Oh, please forgive me.  I have to throw in an inside joke that only she and our mothers will get.  It's been a thirty year tradition, so I have no choice.

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