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November 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Months ago, I met a fellow photographer by the name of Andrew Ludewig of the amazingly diversely talented MTI Photography, LLC.  His business was growing and expanding at such a rate, he had to bring on associate shooters just to keep up with the demand.  One afternoon, we met in a local cafe and got to talking shop (so much fun to find someone who enjoys discussing the aperture's affect on artificial versus ambient light and inverse square law as much as I do).  Within minutes we realized we were a great fit as both of us are just about the nicest (and most modest) people in the business.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to be  part of his team and I was introduced to the couple whose forever I would be documenting.  There was definitely some serendipity involved in this pairing (tripling?) because just like Andrew, the moment I met this couple, I felt like we were old friends.  We spent their engagement session on the ever beautiful Brigantine Isles just enjoying our time together finding fun little spots all along the island to photograph, laughing alongside each other as we just had fun celebrating their love.  I enjoyed myself so much, I honestly did not want it to end.  But thankfully for me, this was only the beginning of our relationship as this Fall, I had the overwhelming joy of photographing their wedding!  

Stay tuned to see!  But in the meantime...

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