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Every child is a gift.  Every child is cherished for the wonderful life and spirit they bring to the family.  Whether it be the fact that her mere existence turns a woman into a mother or a man into a father.  Or if it is because she made her family's dreams come true when she took her first breath.  Regardless of what unique quality each child brings to his or her family, each child is cherished and loved for all eternity for what they bring.  

This day, this family and I came together once again to celebrate the impending birth of their newest joy-to-be.  At the time of the session, we had did not know that their world was about to become complete as tucked away in the loving mother's womb...is the prodigal son.  The boy who will be their legacy.  The boy who will make them proud.  The boy who will follow in his father's footsteps no matter where they may take him. The boy who will be doted upon by not one, but two loving adoring big sisters.

But most importantly, the boy who will love his mommy in a way that she never knew was possible.

Because I know what it feels like to have a little girl steal your heart.  I know what it feels like to look at your daughter and see your BFFEAA. I know what it feels like to have your heart stretched further than you ever thought possible.  I know, twice over, what it feels like to look into a little girl's eyes and see all your dreams come true.  

But I also know what it feels like to have the love of a boy.  And I know that this is something different.  The powerful, universe-changing, nothing-can-prepare-you-for-this-kind of-love-love.  Knowing what this mom has in her future with her son makes me stop and rejoice because she has a world of joy coming her way.

Because she is about to love a little boy.

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