New Jersey Wedding Photographer | Barnegat Lighthouse State Park | My Love Story

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One of the reasons I love to blog engagement sessions is I get to share the love story.  

Not their love story...mine!  As in, "Here's my story of my love for this couple".  Because it's all about me.  

Hey,  they get the wedding blog.  But for now, I get to talk about me!

So, this couple.  Sort of important to me.  You see, the bride to be, resplendent and stunning as she a member of my family.  Once upon a time, many years ago, when this bride was just a babe, she came into my life when her sister and my sister started a lifelong friendship.  

That means I have watched her grow and mature, over the years, into an amazing young woman.  I and my family have been with her during her family's most special moments: the weddings, the births, the celebrations. She and her family have been there with me during my family's most special moments:  the weddings, the births, the celebrations.  And I was there when she introduced a man to the family.  I watched as she and this man's love grew.  And while I ALMOST was there when he asked her a question, I was definitely there for the celebratory dances after.  And thankfully, I will be there when he becomes a part of our family, come this Fall.  

I can't overstate what joy it gives me to see someone I love find someone she loves and know, he will be there, by her side, always.

Enjoy our unbelievably beautiful day at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park.

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