South Jersey Family Portrait Photographer | Cinnaminson, NJ | Extraordinarily Ordinary

April 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have made a decision.  As this is my fourth time being bestowed the enormous honor of photographing this wonderful family, I have decided that this will be the last time that I will discuss the beginning of their life.  While their miraculous birth is something I will never forget and a maternal ache I will never be able to unfeel, it is time to just accept reality. 

These kids, this family, so extraordinary in their beginnings, so unbelievably inspiring in their story, so worthy of praise and adoration...are nothing more than ordinary now. 

These two parents, former NICU warriors who, in their early days of parenthood, fought,with no respite from their fear or pain, for a chance to care for their babies....are nothing more than ordinary now.  

These two little people, children born months too early, fighting so hard just for the right to live...are nothing more than ordinary now.  

This family who have inspired me time and again to not give up when life becomes extraordinarily difficult...are nothing more than ordinary now.  

But ordinary can be a wonderful thing.  An extraordinary thing.  Because hidden in this extraordinarily ordinary family are just two of the most wonderful, precocious, sweet, funny, kind, beautiful and enchanting children whom I am so lucky to get to see every year on the anniversary of their extraordinary birth.  

When we celebrate...their ordinariness.  


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