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What can happen in a year?  So much, right?

Births, deaths...people,and pets come in and come out of our lives.  Changes, both wonderful and otherwise.  So much can happen in a year.  Life happens in a year.  Sometimes we get to take a moment to stop and look at our life and realize,"Wow. A year from now, things will be different."  

Different good? Different bad?  Both, really.  

Rarely, we are afforded the opportunity to take a moment with our closest friends and family and embrace with exponential anticipation what lies in store for us in the coming year.  And no one knows that sort of anticipation like two people who are embarking on the greatest metamorphosis of their lives.

Two people who are about to become parents.  

Two people who who are about to go from two to three. 

But before that happens, before they go from a pair to a family, a ceremony occurs in which they will stand before G-d and pledge unity to each other. They will pledge fidelity.  They will pledge to place each other first before anyone else.  

Well, except that little one growing inside, but that is for another time.  

With all this build-up, I am proud to share the most beautiful ceremony that celebrated one of the most beautiful couples in my life.  A woman who is so near and dear to my family's heart, she is like another sister.   A most wonderful man who pledged to have and hold this woman for all their days.   I was asked to be there at the most beautiful of churches, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, as we began our celebration of their coupling and the dinner afterward and the stupendous Madison.  But this ceremony is only the beginning.  Because the real celebration will happen a year from now.  When, one year from today, this couple will reconvene to renew their vows and make their celebration complete.

Because they will come together again and take their vows again, except this time...

there will be three of them.

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