PA Private Event Photographer | Christine's Restaurant | Associate Photographer for Abbey Bradshaw

August 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of the highest compliments one photographer can give another photographer is to ask her to photograph her own family's event.  Every photographer wants the best pictures and the best experience for themselves so they only hire the best.  

Too bad that's not what happened here.  

Because Abbey Bradshaw of Abbey Bradshaw Photography didn't just ask me to photograph HER baby shower, she changed course and asked me to photograph the bridal shower of one of her absolutely stunning brides that was happening the very same day!  Since she could not be there, she wanted the best instead!

I know, why did she hire me, right? 

Bada bum...cymbal clap!

But in all seriousness, it was truly an honor to photograph on Abbey's behalf this gorgeous bridal shower at the lovely Christine's Restaurant in Yardley, PA.  Such wonderful people I got to meet, I couldn't wait to see their glorious wedding photos as masterfullly captured by the wonderfully talented Abbey Bradshaw!

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