SJ Wedding Photographer | Camden County Boathouse | Second Shooter for Salex Photography

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One of the most frustrating and difficult things about being a self-taught photographer is the isolation.  Everything is done through my own research, my own lessons, my own seeking of knowledge.  Finding others like me, on the same lonely journey, is a breath of fresh air that can't be denied.  Not only is it so wonderful to spend time with people who are genuinely kind and nice and people whom I really like, but it's so much easier talking to other photographers because, "they get it".  

Not that my husband doesn't find discussions of bokeh to be scintillating and my best friends don't look forward to me strategizing about my goal to nail the Fibonacci Spiral in my composition,'s just seamless. They get it.  They appreciate it.  Their friendship is on a different level then a mere co-worker or friend.  Or husband (sorry, Babe).  

This past Valentine's Day, I had the extreme honor of second shooting for Craig Schulte of Salex Photography at the beautiful Church of St. John the Evangelist and then the exquisite Camden County Boathouse.  It was an honor to see how he masterfully covers weddings and also it was a joy working with Craig and his wonderful wife.  While I would always prefer to spend Valentine's Day with my husband, this set of families and new friends were a close second.

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