New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer | Knights Park | One Year of Love

February 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As I am starting to accrue on years of life (37, baby!), with that comes years of life experiences that I can compare my newest life experiences against. Therefore, I can say with almost four decades of wisdom that these portraits below at Knights Park are not just of a baby and his mother.  These pictures are of a most exquisite and precious bond that is so unique, one will never find a way to compare its depths to anything else experienced in this life.

The phenomena that is the bond between a mother and her son.  

As I have one of my own, I know what this feels like.  I understand the depths of emotion that are inherent in a relationship such as this.  Fellow mothers and specifically, boy mothers, can absolutely appreciate the joy it brought me to document this absolutely cherished time of life, the celebration of one year of life together.  Their first of an eternity.  And the fact that it's a childhood friend that I was able to do this for makes it all the more poignant for me.  

Thank you trusting me to document this time of life, my friend!

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