New Jersey Private Event Photographer | E Lounge | An Angelic Affair

February 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As a Jewish mother, I can fully appreciate other religions' rituals when they specifically involve their children.  Even when the religion differs from my own, I can understand and welcome the meaning and tradition that is steeped in certain ceremonies and customs.

Case in point, the most blessed of occasions, the Holy Communion.  

A celebration in which one most reverent and deserving child receives this rite of passage in her church.  A celebration that once was thrown in her parents' honor, her grandparents' honor, and so on. But also as a fellow mother, I understand it is so much more than just a beautiful and ancient tradition in our religious institutions.  It is a celebration of life.  A celebration of family.  A celebration that started not even a decade ago when this little angel graced her family with her existence.  From a baby shower to a first birthday party to now this, a celebration so grand, even the Mummers had to take part!  Every milestone, every celebratory occasion that this little angel embarks on is just another milestone in her family's life.  It makes you wonder where she will go and what she will do because she is truly a darling darling person and I cannot wait to see what the next celebration has in store for us!

Check out the epic party thrown at the swank E Lounge!

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