South Jersey Private Event Photographer | Williamstown | One Year of Love...SMASH

February 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As a continuation from our portrait session, the next logical step to solidifying the celebration of this little man's one year on earth, I was invited to bear witness to the ceremonial smashing of the birthday cake.  Having experienced my share of cake smashes, I knew what to expect.  Icing, airborne baked goods, tears, snot.  Oh, and naps.  Naps for everyone.

But as always seems to happen, I was pleasantly surprised by what else this young man had in store for me.  

In addition to confectionary projectiles, there was something else in the air.  Something that lasts long after the last bit of icing has been dug out of various orifices and corners of the kitchen.  

Family.  The love of family.

Because while I spent the first chapter of our photographic celebration honoring the eternal bond between him and his mother, I got to spend the second half witnessing the outpouring of love and devotion for this special little boy from other family members whose womb he was not cradled in.  This little boy is not only adored and cherished by his mommy but also his auntie, whose love was so palpable, it transcended the title of aunt.  Grandparents who relished any moment with their prized grandson, stealing kisses and snuggles any moment they could.  Cousins and besties and puppies who just wanted to spend time with him.  This little boy is very lucky because he has a whole village of loved ones who are devoted to him and surely, always will be.

Check it out...and duck when the icing goes flying.

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