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Because of this little business I started, I meet new people all the time.  Over the course of months, I  I get to know them on such intimate levels and then I get to culminate that relationship on their most joyous day.  But sometimes, my "getting-to-know you" phase doesn't last mere weeks or months but years.  Decades.  

Sometimes I am given the honor of photographing someone who has been in my life for as long as it's been my life.

This is one of those times.  

Below you will see the engagement portraits at The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park, of a spectacular woman who has chosen to marry an equally spectacular man.  A man with whom I celebrated every Christmas.  Every birthday.  Every graduation.  Every life milestone, we were in each other's life.  A man who was, in more ways than one, more like family to me than other people with whom I have a blood bond.  

Because this was the beginning of the story of the time I got to photograph the son of my father's best friend in this world.  These two men who have been like brothers to each other, get to sit back and watch, as their children's lives are now intertwined as the man begins his own life journey to marry the woman he will spend all eternity with.  

And I get to photograph it.  

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