NJ Wedding Photographer | Downtown Swedesboro | An Adorable Chapter

March 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Once upon a time in the history of my life, I met a woman who changed the course of my teaching career for the better.  She mentored me, she guided me, she showed me what it truly means to be an educator.  And with that, she invited me into her family.  Her daughters became my daughters as a lifelong friendship with this family was created.  

This is all my buildup as I struggle to find the words to express what it meant to me to be the one chosen to shoot our oldest daughter's wedding.  While I try to find a way to capture my rapture in words, take a look at our little jaunt through their hometown, Swedesboro, as I was asked to tag along for this adorable chapter in their adorably wonderful love story. 

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