SJ Family Lifestyle Photographer | Croft Farm Arts Center | What Can I Say...?

March 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, what can I possibly say about this family that I have not said before.  


I can say how thankful I am for my business to introduce me to such amazing people such as this.  

I can say how blessed I am to be asked over and over to document their little family.

I can say how blown away I am by how beautiful their family is and how much it brings a tear to my eye every time I get to see them and how they love on each other so effortlessly.  

I can say how much fun I have with these kids, who invited me into their life the moment they met their little brother; to this day, one of my favorite photographic moments ever.  

And just wait, I get to photograph them again in a few short weeks when ANOTHER member gets added to their family!

Stay tuned! 2016-02-21_00012016-02-21_0001 2016-02-21_00022016-02-21_0002 2016-02-21_00032016-02-21_0003 2016-02-21_00042016-02-21_0004 2016-02-21_00052016-02-21_0005 2016-02-21_00062016-02-21_0006 2016-02-21_00072016-02-21_0007 2016-02-21_00082016-02-21_0008 2016-02-21_00092016-02-21_0009 2016-02-21_00102016-02-21_0010 2016-02-21_00112016-02-21_0011 2016-02-21_00122016-02-21_0012 2016-02-21_00132016-02-21_0013 2016-02-21_00142016-02-21_0014


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