Camden County Private Event Photographer | The Mansion on Main Street | Roaring 16's

April 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

Back in the ol' days, when I was sixteen, I had no idea how to dress myself in any way that was remotely fashionable or flattering.  I had just enough wherewithal to know how to blow out my bangs and shop the clearance rack at Express.  That's why it always amazes me when I am chosen to document the rite of passage that is the Sweet 16 birthday party.  It amazes me when other 16-year olds are able to present themselves in such ways that are trendy, and cute and stylish and for lack of more descriptive words, utterly gorgeous.  

And then there are teens like this one.  Whose style and panache are so much a part of her every day life, she has to take her Sweet 16 celebration to a whole new level and bring in a style and glamour that is epic, to say the least.  

And that is what brought me to The Mansion on Main Street where I was honored to document her milestone birthday with all of her friends and family by her side.  What a joy it was to watch this beautiful young woman work the room with grace and dignity.  And sweet moves.  And sweet candy.  Just a sweet rip-roaring time.  

Welcome back in time to this classic period party! 

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Amazing and stunning images I've ever seen. Love them so much. I'm thankful to the photographer.
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