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South Jersey Wedding Photographer | The Wildwoods Convention Center | My Last Name | Part I

March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When I got married, I had so many elements that I wanted present to showcase my husband and me.  I had a vision of what my day would look like and I had years of dreaming and planning to live up to.  But when reality set in and I was tasked with how to bring it all together, I was stymied.  How could I make my love for Eeyore and his love for Snoopy fit with his request for buttercream and mine for stephanotis and still make it seamless with our Barry White entrance under the chuppah?

It was hard!

So I appreciate the struggle when other brides have so many elements of their life that they are trying to fit together like a terribly complex jigsaw puzzle.  I appreciate the difficulty and effort that goes into the planning.  But I can also moreso appreciate the final product when it has been done well.  Really well.  Especially when the challenge is steep.  How steep?

Well, we have...

A creepy elegant Halloween-themed reception.

A military-themed cocktail hour that honors the various branches of the military present at the wedding.

A beachfront venue, The Wildwoods Convention Center.

A wood-working craftsman.

A wild and crazy bridal party.  

A wedding cake that can only be described in four letters.  E-P-I-C.

Mickey Mouse hands. 

But here's the real challenge.  All these elements have to maintain their star status when eclipsed by the most prominent theme of the night.  

The word...again.  


Because this is not the first time this couple has done this.  This is not their first wedding.  This is their again.  Their forever.  

This couple, who married young and produced the prodigal son from that coupling, were not able to make their first time forever.  Sadly, their marriage disintegrated was not forever.  Because forever came later when their again began.  When their love brought them back to each other, but this time older, wiser, more able to take on the mammoth task that is bestowed upon them when they take those vows.  

While I wish the first time was the last time, I am glad it worked out the way it did.  Because it allowed me to bear witness to their love.  Not only the love of this couple but the love of a son for his mother.  A little man who, upon seeing his mother in the gown she was going to wear to marry his father...uttered the sweetest words that one could possibly hear. His little voice just cut through the room with a significance that cannot be understated.    

Mommy, you look beautiful.

My heart swells and my tears well up when I remember that little voice so full of love and admiration for the woman he loves most in this world as she was set to embark to unite their little family. With his three years of life, he got it.  He understood.  His mommy and daddy are getting married.

Again. But this time....forever.  

A very very very special thank you and deepest gratitude to Laura Napoli of Laura Napoli Photography.  I would work with you again and again.  

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