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Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope at least one or two of the moments I have captured have made you smile. I have three roles in this life: Mommy, Teacher, Photographer, and Mommy. All three of these roles are vitally important to me.

Wait, did I put mommy twice? Ugh! Mommy brain.

As a wedding photographer, you will be hiring not only someone to capture your wedding but someone to call your friend. When we decide we are a good fit and you are not scared off by my goofy sense of humor, I will begin the "getting to know you process" in which I will stalk all of your social media sites, ask you the most inappropriately invasive questions, and spend weeks and weeks studying you and your fiance, studying your family dynamics, discussing all the details of the day, offering unsolicited advice, and just being your partner in your wedding preparation. That way when the day comes, your pictures will be an extension of your vision, not mine.


I have no desire to photograph your wedding as I see it, but as you remember it. The moments you cherished, the moments you missed, the details as you envisioned them. I want your wedding pictures to be something you'll cherish always. I want to make your dreams come true (the good ones, not the bad ones where your groom won't stop making out with his ex-girlfriend, your dress has caught fire, you can't find your wedding band, and your teeth are falling out of your mouth)

Working with Deaf/HOH children and students with disabilities has prepared me for working with the varying needs of others' children. Yes, this is a nice way of saying that it takes a lot to make me angry so don't think I will judge you because your child is eating grass or throwing rocks at me. It's all a part of our courting process in which I will win and make your child appear to be a cherubic angel who thrives on following directions. Plus having my own two toddlers, I can guarantee that your children will be better behaved than mine are when I try to take their picture.

There is just so much I would like to tell you about myself. I decided the best way would be the following:


1. I have always loved photography. To the point where, in high school, I would purposely NOT wear rubber gloves when developing my pictures because I just loved that smell. It was not really a problem except I always had photography class right before lunch and there was not enough time between classes to wash my hands.

2. I used to hate when celebrities would have a child and then gush about how amazing and fulfilling their life is now due to their precious little miracles. Blech!

3. I have three wonderful amazing children. They have fulfilled my life in ways I could never imagine. They truly are three of life's precious miracles.

4. I got my dSLR after I dropped my first digital camera on the floor, dropped my second digital camera in the ocean, stepped on my third digital camera, and then never figured out what I did to that last one. So far this one has proven to be a trooper!

5. The one thing in this world I am NOT modest about is my penmanship. I take great pride when people compliment me on it. I get jealous when I meet other people who have equally exquisite handwriting. When I am at a teaching in-service, and someone needs to write on the big chart paper for a presentation, I secretly hope someone will nominate me and people will be dazzled by my skills.

6. My sister and I can communicate telepathically. She is my twin even though she was born on my fifth birthday. She knew I was going to tell you that.

7. Sometimes when I use the garbage disposal, I feel like I am feeding Lando to the Sarlacc and it makes me feel guilty.

8. My freshman year in college, I took Rhetoric 101 (a speech and composition class). For our first persuasive essay, we were to present a speech on a topic about which we felt very strongly. Others wrote about the necessity of recycling, the death penalty, and abortion. I wrote a compelling speech about my dog, Barkley, and why he was the greatest dog in the universe. When I finished and my professor and classmates realized I was dead serious, their faces were frozen in disbelief and incredulity.

9. One time while waitressing, I was waiting on a man who was fighting with his wife. When he left, he threw $100 on the table for his $30 bill. I gave the money to my manager in case the man came back. He did, thanked me profusely, and left me a $20 tip. I beat myself up for my honesty when I could have made $70! Later that night, a couple purposely left me a $50 tip on a $50 bill. It is that day I officially believed in karma.

10. I always wonder if anyone thinks I am as funny as I think I am.