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Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer | Jericho National Golf Club | Then

February 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

Every time I sit down to write my blog on a wedding, I get giddy for a number of reasons.  Usually, and especially in this case, a significant amount of time has passed since the wedding and looking back on these images at the impressively exquisite Our Lady of Good Counsel and outrageously gorgeous Jericho National Country Club brings back so many happy memories for me.  At the conclusion of every wedding, I determine what I am going to write so it's exciting to me to sit down and have the opportunity to share with the world what these two people mean to me; what makes them special.  

But this time, I will not ONLY focus on the bride and groom.  No, this time my focus fans out to all that I witnessed on that blessed day almost a year ago.  On the surface, it will look like many love stories.  Because in these pictures below are the love stories of a man and woman, a father and daughter, a mother and son, sisters, grandmothers, there was even a love of Pearl Jam.  

But when you dig deeper, you realize, this is truly just one love story. 

The love of family. 

Because that is what this day was all about.  Yes, we gathered together to celebrate the beginning of a life that started so many years ago when they were teenagers.  And yes, we gathered to celebrate vows being taken before G-d. And yes, we gathered together to dance a Mummer's strut in honor of a most-deserving couple.  But in every corner, every nook, everywhere I turned, there it was.

The love of family. 

When you weren't looking (and even when you were), there were parents of the bride sneaking kisses and sweet caresses, setting a model for their daughters of what true eternal love looks like.  There were happy tears flowing from the sisters who have walked this life with these two by their side as their respective brother/sister walked into their 'own happily ever after. There were stories...oh were there colorful stories, from cousins and uncles and aunts about this bride and groom and their families, the people that have known them since infancy.  There was the laughter, so much laughter, and singing and dancing from the best friends who did not leave this bride and groom's side all night.  There were grandmothers, who would not let anything get in their way as they celebrated the love of their legacies, the people who keep them forever young.   There was Gumby and Pokey...but that's a whole OTHER story.  

And then there was that furbaby.  That little beautiful girl who will be a part of this beautiful life made together.  She was there, too, as she was here. Because this day was about one thing:

The love of family.

This day marked a most beautiful chapter of a beautiful love story of two very beautiful families and to even be a footnote at the bottom of a page was an immeasurable honor.  They thank me for the pictures but I thank them for allowing me into their life.  Their love story. 

Once again, thank you to Laura Napoli of Laura Napoli Photography for your neverending awesomeness as my second shooter.  

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Click here to see the ending to this epic love story.


We really cannot express our gratitude for the countless amazing photos we get to cherish to remind us of all of the amazing moments we shared on our big day. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful to you and Laura. ❤️
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