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I dare you to find someone whose life plan has gone according to plan.  Someone who had a vision for his/her future and every piece fell into place like a puzzle.  No surprises, no sidetracks, no unexpected turns.  

Good luck.

But why do those unexpected twists and turns carry a negative connotation?  Why, when our life strays from what we believed to be the proper and intended path, do we think the end result will be less than what we envisioned?  What happens when it's more?  So much more?

I wish I had a couple to demonstrate my point.  

Well, look at that!  I do!

Behold, one of the most romantic love stories I have had the honor to photograph.  The bride, a single mother, jumped on Facebook one day to lament about the dearth of good men in her life and even went as far to ask where all the good men are.  Rhetorically speaking, of course.

Like the archetypal Hero to this love story, who should come chiming into the post...but our groom.  He tells her to come to Florida.   He's a good man.  He could be the one she is searching for. 

She does.

And he is.

Their relationship bloomed.  And bloomed.  And bloomed.  Until they find themselves a little family of three living in their dream home in Delaware, planning their wedding.  Planning their future. strayed from the path.  Again.  

But in the best way possible.  

She became pregnant with their son.  Their second son.

Shortly after this celebration of unity, the newest piece to their life puzzle came into being and may be unpredictable but it can also be so wonderfully perfect.  

And wonderfully and unpredictably perfect is the only way I can describe this couple.  They were both two of the most amazing people I could possibly meet, let alone call my friends.   Their picturesque wedding at Zwaanendael Park and lively reception at Irish Eyes Pub and Restaurant was one of the most enjoyable of my career.  Not because of any specific item or aspect, but because of the couple themselves.  These two people whom I enjoyed being with, loved laughing with, and talking to, and definitely photographing on their most joyous day.  Well, their second most joyous day.  A few weeks after I photographed them, the birth of their second son...that was their most joyous day. 

But I think this day was pretty good, too.

A huge thank you to Jessica Parsons of J.Parsons Photography for your extra set of eyes and for your capture of the most sentimental groom preparation portraits I have seen.

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