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March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Some couples get married and I sit down to write their blog and I am stuck.  Not because I have nothing to write but because I have so much to write, it feels like trying to encapsulate the universe in a hundred words or less.  How do I do it?  Do I have a stream of consciousness blog where I just write everything that comes to mind with no mind paid to conventions of grammar and write it off as poetic license because my brain is racing with so many thoughts of how I feel about this couple, their families, their friends, the beauty of their day or how it felt to bear witness to such a beautiful coupling or do I try to contain and categorize so as not to overwhelm the reader with text that just seems to keep going because I find it difficult to contain my exuberance?

Well, there's my answer, huh?

But how do I tell you how it felt?  How it felt to see this man whom I have known for so many years on his most joyous day?  This man who has been like a brother to my cousin who is like a brother to me?  This man who played such an integral part of my own wedding day (I will never forget that you lent me your official World Cup soccer ball so I could have the bride-and-groom-playing-soccer picture I dreamed of and I will never forgive myself for promising not to lose it and then promptly losing it!)

How do I tell you how overwhelming it was to be so inundated with so much beauty?  How do I express my shock and awe when I finally got to see the outrageously beautiful bridal suite of The Inn at Lambertville Station that I heard so much about from other photographers?

I have the pictures to show you how absolutely devastatingly stunning the bride was in her bridal gown but even those words pale to reality of how absolutely S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. she was.    And while you can luxuriate in her smile which will surely cause you to break out in one, it's nothing when compared with her laugh.  Her laughter which I can still hear in my head and it makes me smile because it must be the sweetest laugh a bride has ever giggled.  

Really, how do I do it?  How do I find words powerful enough to even MENTION the dance.  THE. DANCE.  The choreographed *NSYNC dance orchestrated and planned by the groom and his mother?  Do I even tell you how I had to photograph blind because I was laughing and screaming so hard, I had tears in my eyes and practically dropped my camera in pure glee?

I will have to accept defeat because I will never be able to tell you how much fun, how beautiful, how sentimental, how romantic, how picture perfect this wedding was.  I just can't.  

Thankfully I am able to find the words to express my gratitude to the incomparable Laura Napoli of Laura Napoli Photography and Jessica Cuevas of jac Photographs for their awesomeness, their amazingness, the joy it brought me to work with them.

Thanks chickies!


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