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What is the worst nightmare of any wedding photographer?  

Wait..I hate that expression "worst nightmare".  I mean, all the worst-case scenarios are the worst nightmare so asking that question really just leaves the reader contemplating all the ways we can mess up, screw up, drop, break, disappoint, lose, forget, just blow it.  So let me be more specific.  What is one of the fears that keeps photographers up at night, breaking out in a cold sweat in fear that it may happen to them, no matter how earnest, how moral, how upstanding a business owner they may be?  

It's emergencies.  

What do we do if we have an emergency the day we are supposed to shoot a wedding?  It's a significant and very real fear.  How do we hold up our end of the contract and not disappoint our very anxious bride and groom?  Is it possible?  Is it possible to call up your bride and say, "Hey, I know I am supposed to shoot your wedding today but I can't and I am gonna send someone in my place.  Have a great night!" and NOT send her into a level five meltdown?

Yes, it is possible.

Because it happened.  

This is a wedding that I shot at the absolutely stunning Artesano Iron Works in Manayunk, Philadelphia, on behalf of Tara Lynn of the supremely talented Silver Orchid Photography.  Tara and I belong to a very close, very supportive group of local professionals and when she put out a desperate call for help when she had a dire family emergency, I answered it.  Tara and I could not get over how similar our styles were, so there was no fear of me NOT being able to produce quality images similar to what she would have produced herself.  And I am a bit of a charmer, if I do say so myself, so I know I would be able to give her bride and groom a positive experience with me.  

But still...this is all well and good in theory...but can it be done?  They wanted Tara. I am not Tara.  Could I possibly do right by this bride and groom?

I can.  I did.  

And I got to ring in my 2015 with the most wonderfulyl sweet, adorable, AND UNDERSTANDING family I have yet to have the privilege to photograph.  I met some amazing people, took some of my favorite photographs of the year, and had a stupendous NYE!  But more importantly, I helped someone in need and finally was given the permission to stop worrying, stop fretting, stop fearing the worst.  Because if it happens again and next time to me, I know I have Tara and a slew of other professionals to help me in my time of need.

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