Philadephia Wedding Photographer | Penn's Landing | The Kraaken Photobombed Our Engagement Pictures

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I know engagement portraits are supposed to be a serious, almost reverential session.  They are a documentation of a couple's love and that is not something to be handled lightly.  Finding love is a momentous life-changing occurence and the engagement portraits should reflect that.  But when you pair someone "like me" with a couple like this, serious and reverential are about the last words you will hear uttered during our time together.  

 My enjoyment was tenfold over this engagement.  First, I loved photographing in Penn's Landing. There are so many great aspects to this location that make photographing it all the more fun. It helps that I have known the bride since high school so my investment in them as as couple is multiplied.  The groom was one of the most colorful characters I have met. I mean, he's a British rocker.  How cool is that??  The couple's photogenic qualities made walking around the streets with them, 9 1/2 months pregnant, seem nary a bother.  It was really just a great time spent with friends.  And irascible seventh graders giving me the universal sigh of peace and courtesy.  And mythical creatures.  

Say what?  Yes, you read that right.  In our discussions of what we wanted out of these engagement photos, the Kraaken came up and don't you know it, showed up!  I told you we were a fun bunch.  And this is why I am going to label this one of, if not THE, most fun engagement session I have ever done. 

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